B O I T T    Time and Motion Study software for Industry & Production FREE DEMO


Dbase 1: Work station operations

Movements automatically give the standard time for the operation.

Dbase 2: Production lines

Operations aggregated in an Article or Assem­bly line give the total production time.

Export to Excel, ERP

Use your data to make charts in Excel. Report in Word. Or export to your ERP application.

Import data, grow fast

Accelerate the growth of your data­base. Use operations e.g. already ana­ly­sed by others.

Don't calculate, VEWF does!

The power of the software? VEWF guides. Calculates. And manages your databases.

Fast building stone technique

Use the operations standard times in your database to generate new ones. 

User-friendly easy to learn

The VEWF software guides you while you ana­lyse the operation. We made it easy for you.

Filter options make life easy

Zooming in on the right operation is fast. Even with large databases.

Line-balancing & productivity

A one-click check of work station productivity and balance.

Video support

Link and run a video of the work station on-screen. Facilitate your work study.

Cloud computing?

Use a cloud service platform e.g. MS-Azure to store your database if you like.

Optimal working method

Select the most efficient and eco­no­mic work method. Let VEWF compare.

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